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An activity such as attending attend general and exclusive events by which like-mind professionals recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.


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A favorable or suitable occasion or time, juncture of circumstances and/or a good chance for advancement or progress


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  1. To come upon by chance or arrangement.
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  3. To be introduced to.
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The Events

FREC Industry After Hours are monthly networking events designed for industry professionals to meet and build relationships in an informal setting. With 100-150 industry professionals in attendance, this is the premier networking event for the entertainment industry!

How it works

Events are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at choice venues around South Florida and host spotlight guests that provide value insight or connections in the entertainment industry. Costs for the event, if any, are nominal and event details are only provided to registered users.

The Mission

Our mission is to grow the local economy by organizing events that attract the entertainment industry to Miami and South Florida, and promoting international filming, small business development, and community revitalization for filming areas.






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